About Us

Touch Plate Properties, LLC is a team of business professionals of which come from the same thread of the cloth and have embarked on a journey to create a better life for all of those in our community and beyond.

After a short time of focusing on Luxury Rehabs, it was clear to Touch Plate Properties, that the Vineyard Estate Development market is in demand. It is primed for a fresh design team ready to commence on development, that will not only exceed all expectations, but rather set a new standard. With over 64 years in marketing and printing, we have a professional eye for color, detail, design dramatics and on point marketing. Touch Plate Properties will be raising eyebrows and setting the bar to a higher standard.

Our passion is simple… to build a lifestyle of which you live and are passionate about…
Fashion, Design and Wine!


Mission Statement

Building a Luxury Lifestyle… Everyday … NO EXCEPTIONS!